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Japanese Tutor - Learn Nihongo

4.4 ( 9024 ratings )
Håndbøger Uddannelse
Forfatter: Jose Ricardo Ingles

Do you want to learn how to speak, read, write and understand modern, authentic Japanese easily? Then, this is the app for you.

This app is about polite beginner level Japanese with distinct emphasis on correct and natural sounding speech. The goal of this course is to have you speaking functional Japanese for practical use.

Youll learn how to write in Japanese - Hiragana and Katakana, the characters and how to write them. Learn how to pronounce basic Japanese words. Well teach you all the most common vocabulary and phrases so that you can introduce yourself and ask questions.

The English used in this course is basic and casual so even if youre not native speaker you should be just fine. You dont need to be expert in anything to understand the content of this course.

You should take this course if youre looking for a natural sounding Japanese, that was approved by native Japanese speakers!


- Japanese For Dummies
- Speak Fluent Japanese in 60 Days
- Common Pronunciation Mistakes
- Essential Japanese for Travel
- Essential Japanese for Business
- Ultimate Japanese Culture Guide

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